Saraswathi Devi Songs

Saraswathi Devi Songs : This page contains Sri Saraswati Devotional Songs, some of the best Saraswathi bhajans and devotional songs. ஸ்ரீ சரஸ்வதி அஷ்டோத்திரம், ஓம் ஸரஸ்வத்யை நமஹ, ஓம் மஹா பத்ராயை நமஹ.

Saraswathi Devi Devotional Songs

Vasant Panchami: Mantras, Vandana and songs dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi. Listen and download to an exclusive collection of saraswati devi song lyrics.

Saraswathi Sloka

“Kajwala purita lochana dhare
Stanajuga Shobhita mukuta hare.
Veena pustaka ranjita haste
Bhagawati Bharati Devi Namaste.”

The Vedas contain many mantras to Saraswati Devi or Vak Devi. If you are initiated in these mantras, they are wonderful ways to worship Matha saraswathi. Goddess Saraswati is venerated by Hindus as the eptiome of knowledge and speech. Considered the Goddess of knowledge and learning, Saraswati’s birthday is the time to begin new studies and children begin to learn reading and writing formally on this day. She is believed to bless people who take up intellectual pursuits and students pray to her before examinations. Musicians also pray to her before concerts in a bid to invoke her benign blessings.