Platinum coated / plated anodes for electroplating (metal finishing)

Electroplating in modern industries with advanced coating / finishing technology needs anodes of platinum coated layer or surface with platinum, iridium and rhodium, or mixed metal alloys of these (inert metals) metals. Platinum or Mixed metal oxides of platinum range metal gives better and advanced results compared to graphite anodes.Regarding platinum coated/plated type anodes they are little costlier than conventional anodes and are not consumed frequently. By investing once in life time they are the best and are reusable by refurbishing and repairing.

Platinised or Platinized metal anodes can be easily refurbished : the reason is the base material. For the longstanding of the anodes most of the manufacturers uses the base metal Titanium, Niobium or Zirconium or other. Titanium withstands from every chemical or alkali-acid attack excluding high chlorine and fluoride baths and remain stable. Titanium anodes / Niobium anodes (base metaled) never corrode or erode and are rare. So the coating of anodes can be coated to platinised titanium base metal anodes every time if you need a optimized plating solution.

Platinized metal anodes are manufactured world-wide by many manufacturers and they are available for purchasing online too.

If You are ready to invest or spend money for an advanced electroplating components then you should care for well-plating or well coated anodes. Platinum plated or platinum coated anodes should be evenly plated. The ions generated at the surface of anodes effects for great plating, so that they should have a well and evenly plated surface. If scars or scribbles found on platinum plated plate anodes then it never passes QC. Care for this.